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I felt  honoured when I was asked to make this elegant wedding cake. It meant a lot as it was for my baby brother and soon to be wife. I wanted it to be extra special, I also wanted it to have a wow factor.

So I asked her to send me ideas of what she would like and I got to work. Many hours went into making all the flowers.I  love making flowers I find it very relaxing. ( don’t know why )

I wanted the tiers to have different heights. The bride wanted a bit of bling not to much so I thought a nice embellishment would look good on a ribbon, some stencilling and quilting and we are done.

There is always that little bit of extra pressure to create the best cake when its your own family. They all were blown away so hopefully I achieved what i set out to do.

I was really happy and proud of the end product.

Hope you all like it too

wedding cake


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